“…a masterpiece, written by the Master.”


“Here’s a lady who cuts to the chase…I highly recommend this book to you”


Betrayal. Abuse. Heartache. Depression.

Have you experienced some of these feelings? Some days you feel like dancing, but on others, you feel like a complete disaster. Maybe you’re saying, “If something doesn’t change fast, I have no idea how I can possibly go on.” If you’re struggling, today is your day: for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love, order Some Days You Dance and join Vikki on the journey to recovery.

Struggling? Don’t wait!

Find the answer to freedom — today!

“What’s wrong with my life? Why am I so frustrated, angry, and insecure? Why don’t I enjoy the peace, joy, and fulfillment the Bible promises? At the time I was ashamed to have such questions, but not anymore. Now I know that every believer who wants to enjoy the true freedom Jesus offers must ask them. All of us must first face the truth about our own captivity before we can get a revelation of the Truth that sets us free.” —Vikki Burke