Join Dennis and Vikki, and others worldwide who have partnered together as People of Promise—Partners in Proclaiming God’s Word.

For every person that is saved, healed, and delivered, our partners share in the reward. In 1 Samuel 30:25, a spiritual law was established that guarantees that those who send are entitled to as much of the reward as those who go. According to Philippians 1:7 you are a partaker of the grace that is on this ministry. You can receive not only an abundant harvest on your financial seed, but you can be a partaker of the spiritual gifts that operate in this ministry. If you have a need in any area of your life, you can draw on the anointing that flows through this ministry to receive help.

Our part:

We commit to study diligently and impart a fresh Word in due season. Our newsletters, books, audio and video messages, websites and meetings are all tools to impart the anointing of the Spirit. We commit to pray and believe God specifically for you. We pray for health and healing, peace, prosperity, for the release of the anointing to do what you are called to do, and anything else the Holy Spirit leads us to pray.

Your part:

Prayer is the foundation to every success in God. One part you have as a partner is to pray for Vikki and me. Your faithful monthly, financial partnership toward the vision of this ministry is vital. Your dependable giving helps us fulfill our part of the Great Commission.

Because we are always looking for ways to bless our partners, we have developed the People of Promise Collector’s Series designed exclusively for our Partners. Enroll as a partner by sowing your first offering and we’ll send you the first CD as part of our Partner Welcome Package. Each time you give your offering, we will send you Dr. Burke’s latest People of Promise CD to add to your collection.

We have also created Partnership Made Easy, a feature designed to make sowing your monthly offering as convenient for you as possible. With it, you can set up automatic monthly giving with your debit or credit card. To sign up or for more information, click here or contact the ministry office.

Become a partner today, and join the People of Promise!

To sow your first time partner offering, complete the form on the giving page.

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Become a partner today and join those around the world who have already become People of Promise — Partners in Proclaiming God’s Word in a simple and relevant way.