A New Way of Thinking

Jesus performed one of His greatest miracles when He fed the 5,000. There are several things in this account that are vital for us to understand to change our thinking and expand our capacity to receive from God.

First, Jesus directed His disciples to bring the loaves and fish to Him (Matthew 14:18).

In order to see great miracles, we must first give God something to work with. Time after time, God directed people to give first and then to watch Him work. For example, Elijah told the widow to make him a cake with her last little bit of meal. When she gave to the prophet, God released an abundant supply (see 1 Kings 17:9-16).

Second, Jesus had all the people sit down on the hillside (v. 19).

Sitting is a position of rest, and God wants us to enter a place of rest in Him. Faith rests in His presence, His promises, and His provision. There is an inner calmness that comes when we are resting in Him that puts us in a position to better receive.

Third, Jesus took what had been brought to Him and gave thanks (v. 19).

Our gratitude toward God keeps our heart right allowing us to receive more from Him. Thankfulness is a powerful force. We are to be thankful for all God has done and for the blessings He has promised, even if we don’t see them yet.

Fourth, Jesus distributed the loaves and fish to the disciples (Matthew 14:19). The disciples handled each loaf and each fish that God multiplied. Every bit of His supernatural provision passed through their hands.

Today God wants to use each of His disciples as distributors of His provision. We are made for abundant living and abundant giving. Provision was certainly abundant that day for the crowd who had come to hear Jesus. It was a feast for a multitude, and everyone left satisfied.

Finally, far more provision remained after the crowd had eaten their fill than the five loaves of bread and two small fish they had started with. God doesn’t think in terms of supplying just barely enough to meet a need. He thinks in terms of abundance, overflow, more than enough, and far beyond what is needed!

Jesus was teaching His disciples an important lesson that day. He wants to redefine our lives by creating in us a new way of thinking.

Are we defined by lack and need — or by God’s abundant supply? If we can’t answer that question the way we want to, we can make the decision from this point on to stop allowing ourselves to be defined by or identified with the world. We don’t have to stay confined within the limitations of lack, past failures, need, sin, weakness, or fear. Jesus is the One who defines us now!

No matter what problem we might be facing, we can give Jesus our own “five loaves and two fish,” and then keep our eyes and our faith focused on Him. As we do, we will release His supernatural power into our situation to bring us more than enough of the supply we need.

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