Build Your Confidence

Numbers 13 recounts the story of the twelve spies who surveyed the land of Canaan. The purpose of their venture was not to see if the land could be taken.
God had already declared that the land belonged to them. They were supposed to bring back a report of the location of cities and other information
needed to devise a plan for possessing what God had given them.

But upon their return, out of the twelve spies that Moses sent out, only Joshua and Caleb truly believed what God had promised. All of the others came
back with a report of unbelief. Because they failed to remember what God had done in the past, they were not looking ahead with the proper perspective.
They only saw the obstacles.

These men had allowed their minds to wander from what they knew and had experienced with God. They had experienced God’s deliverance, yet they hesitated
to put their confidence in Him. If they had only reflected on the times when God had caused them to conquer, they could have boldly entered into that
land. Instead, they walked away, only to die in defeat outside of the Promised Land.

They missed out on God’s best for their lives. Why? Because they failed to remember and trust the God Who had delivered them before. “Yes, again and again
they tempted God, and limited the Holy One of Israel. They did not remember His power: the day when He redeemed them from the enemy…” (Psalm 78:41-42

The Lord had continually told His people to remember their miraculous deliverance from Egypt. In explaining the purpose and significance of the Passover,
Moses stated, “It is a night of solemn observance to the Lord for bringing them out of the land of Egypt” (Exodus 12:42 NKJV).

Throughout Israel’s history, remembering God’s display of power by delivering His people has served as a source of hope and strength that rekindles confidence
in God, even to this day. Psalm 105 was a reminder to Israel of the great works God had done for His people: “Remember His marvelous works which He
has done…” (v. 5 NKJV).

Look back and reflect on the things that God has accomplished in your life. Let the inspiration it creates blossom into confidence for what lies ahead.
When we look back on our own lives and remember how God has provided for us in the past, we can look ahead with confidence, knowing that if He did
it once He will do it again and again.

The uncontrolled mind will always want to look back on the wrong things—the hardships and failures of the past. People who engage in such thinking
allow the memory of past experiences to form an image in their minds as to what the future will hold: more of the same. They look back wishing and
look forward wondering.

Our past failures don’t make us a failure today. Nor do our past successes make us a success today. It is what we determine to do now that will decide
our destinies. If we will look back and see the good things God has done in our lives we can begin to look ahead with the right perspective.

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