Inherit Riches and Goodness

God looks for men and women who will take back from the kingdom of darkness the things God meant for His people to enjoy. Those who are in Christ have been made heirs of the world.

From the beginning of creation God had His own dream for mankind. His dream was that mankind would rule the earth and enjoy all that God had created for him. Mankind would live safe and fulfilled with God as his source and supply. And he would share in the joy of God’s kingdom and walk with God daily.

God’s dream has really never been altered. From the foundations of the earth, God established that each person who would ever live would be free to walk with Him and know God’s love in his or her life.

To understand God’s dream is to understand God’s purpose for sending His Son into the earth. Jesus paved the way for all people to come into the family of God and inherit from the riches of His goodness and grace. Hebrews 1:2 tells us that Jesus has been appointed “heir of all things.”

As believers, we now have an inheritance in Christ. That inheritance is twofold. Not only do we have the inheritance we received inwardly, but we also have inherited “all things” in Christ. Both of these aspects, the inward and the external, are quite different from one another in nature. Yet both are equally important to what it means to be an heir.

Think about this in terms of our natural bloodline. First, at birth we inherited characteristics such as the color of our eyes, the size of our nose, and our height from our family genes. These inherited characteristics helped shape who we are physically.

In the same way, as believers, we have inherited who we are, our looks, and the way we see things from our Heavenly Father. It is so important that as Christians, each of us learns who we really are now that we are in God’s family.

We are no longer who we once were. We are new creations in Christ—people who never existed before. We must get to know ourselves and grow in our inheritance. But remember, there is a second aspect of inheritance that is equally important. This is the inheritance which comes at death. When loved ones pass on, they leave all of the things they have accumulated throughout their lives here. The will of the deceased determines who will inherit the things left behind.

This same aspect exists in the inheritance that belongs to us as believers. And it has not gained the kind of focus it deserves. By Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf, He became heir of “all things.” None of the things in this earth that He became heir of were things for which He had need. He redeemed it all for you and me.

When Jesus died He left an inheritance for His family. We have become heirs of “all things.” It has always been God’s plan that His family pursue Him and receive His inheritance. God is looking for you and me to take our rightful place and possess our inheritance.

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