Lies, Abuse, and Jealousy

How many times have we found a promise in God’s Word or realized a step God led us into and in our zeal shared it with people only to be criticized? It is a mistake to believe that others will be as excited about what God is doing in our lives as we are. Rather than celebrating with us, they will criticize us, condemn us, or even compete with us. Unfortunately, many times it is best to simply follow God’s lead but say little to those around us.

Joseph’s brothers hated him for the dream he shared, so they plotted to kill him. One day his brothers threw Joseph in a pit and left him to die. Then Judah suggested they make a little cash by selling Joseph to a wandering band of Ishmaelites.

Many today have had abusive family situations but none any worse than Joseph’s. He gives us hope that all of our God-given dreams really can become reality regardless of the hardships or problems.

As a slave Joseph served Potiphar, an Egyptian of considerable importance. Joseph’s honor for God brought the blessing on all that he did. When Potiphar saw God’s favor on Joseph, he put Joseph in charge of all his household business.

The blessing of God came to the entire house because of Joseph’s godliness. In the face of difficulties he remained faithful and true to God. This could become our testimony as well. Our business, job, or company can be blessed because we are there. God will honor us just as He did Joseph if we will handle ourselves as he did.

Joseph refused to become bitter or unforgiving toward those who wronged him; instead he chose to walk with God which brought His blessing into the situation.

Potiphar loved Joseph because of the great impact he brought into Potiphar’s house. Unfortunately, Mrs. Potiphar also loved Joseph. She pursued and pressured him day after day to compromise sexually. She was so angered by his refusals that she accused him of the very thing she had pressured him with.

Feeling betrayed by Joseph, Potiphar sentenced him to prison. Yet, even in prison the injustice did not move Joseph from his faithfulness. He did not complain nor compromise but held fast to the favor and blessing of God.

God also prospered Joseph as an inmate until he was promoted to the highest position in the prison. There he ministered to two men regarding dreams they each had. Two years later, Pharaoh himself had a troubling dream. No one could tell him its meaning. When Joseph’s ability to interpret dreams was made known to Pharaoh, he was immediately summonsed to Pharaoh’s court. Not only did God give Joseph understanding of Pharaoh’s two dreams but he received the wisdom to know what to do about them.

When Pharaoh heard the wisdom from Joseph, he promoted him to the place of Prime Minister of the entire land of Egypt. From prisoner to Prime Minister. Nothing is too hard for God!

What makes this story so powerful is that in the midst of attack after attack Joseph refused to compromise but remained faithful to the God-given dream. He would not let the lies, hatred, abuse, and jealousy turn him into a cynic. He kept his focus on God and the dream in his heart.

We must realize that attacks come against us to steal our God-given dreams. But we can keep our focus on Jesus and refuse to be moved by these attacks.

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