The Satisfied Life

What brings us true satisfaction and fulfillment in life? How do we find lasting contentment? So much meaningless work and activity can crowd into our lives that it’s easy to lose sight of the way God designed life to be lived. Life is meant to be enjoyable, fulfilling, and satisfying, much more than merely existing or struggling to survive.

Truly happy people have found that fulfillment finds its source deep within and is largely unaffected by external surroundings or material possessions. The world, however, is opposed to this view. Several years ago, a U.S. news magazine conducted a survey, questioning people in various income categories. People with an annual income of $25,000 were asked how much money it would take for them to live “the American Dream.” The average answer was $54,000 annually. The same question was asked of people making $100,000 annually; their average answer was $192,000.

What do the results of this survey tell us? Until a person understands that living satisfied is an inner condition and a mindset, he will always think he needs a little more than what he currently has to reach that goal. This was also demonstrated when one ultra-wealthy man was asked how much it takes to be rich. “Just a little more” was his reply. For most people, it will always take “just a little more.”

Benjamin Franklin brought some sense to this subject when he said, “To be content makes a poor man rich, and discontent makes a rich man poor.” To enjoy this kind of fulfilled life on a daily basis, it is important for us to look to the right source. Our friends and family are unable to give us what we truly crave. When we look to people to be our source of satisfaction in life, we will be disappointed. The same will be true if we seek the approval of others, material possessions, power, or prestige because none of these can create the kind of lasting satisfaction we’re really looking for. Of course, a superficial sense of satisfaction can come from many sources, but that kind of satisfaction is always fickle and fleeting.

To be “satisfied” can be defined as the sense of having enough or doing enough; to be content; or to experience fulfillment and gratification. The problem is that the typical person never feels like he has actually reached the point of having or doing enough. This is why our entire perspective in life must be revamped to grasp the source of real fulfillment and lasting satisfaction.

Think about how fulfilling life can be with Jesus’ love, joy, and peace abounding in us. Jesus doesn’t change; He is always the same. He is committed to our success and ready to encourage us every step of the way. When we center our lives in Him, we become healthier and happier. We have a better outlook on life, and because we feel fulfilled, our relationships are richer. In Christ we are at peace inside.

Of course, the key to lasting fulfillment is to become deeply connected with the riches of a relationship with God. The person who is satisfied in the Lord understands that He alone is the source of true fulfillment, abundant provision, and lasting security.

Satisfied living comes when we learn to live from the inside out. When we center ourselves in Him, we discover the depth of Jesus’ love for us, and this brings the fulfillment we long for. It is from this point that we discover the power and security of living a contented life.

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