Wandering Aimlessly In Life

The 23rd Psalm is considered by many to be the most beautiful passage in the entire Bible. It seems to articulate the desire of every heart: The need for guidance and care, the feeling of personal vulnerability, and yet the confidence that under the protective leadership of the Good Shepherd we will not be left to wander aimlessly in life.

The Lord God is the Shepherd of His people. We look to Him and He is the fulfillment of all our wants and desires. He brings us deep satisfaction, and we trust in His ability to shepherd us.

It is a great comfort to realize that God is watching out for us! We are part of His flock. If we will but follow His lead He will order our steps to find the right substance to sustain a strong spiritual relationship. If we will not wander from His lead we will be led to cool, clear waters that refresh and revive.

The psalmist David was clearly acquainted with the relationship between a shepherd and his sheep. His chore as a young man was to tend his father’s flock. He knew, through experience, how helpless sheep become without a caring shepherd. Because of his intimate relationship with sheep, David could see the contentment in the flock as they trusted him.

David said, “The Lord is my shepherd…” (Psalm 23:1). With that statement he said something of God and of himself. Through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, David revealed God as a good shepherd who leads His sheep to the green pastures and still waters of life. He saw God as a good shepherd who brought comfort and protection to His people. David saw himself as the recipient of all of the shepherd’s goodness.

Jesus identified Himself as the Good Shepherd and at the same time affirmed His deity. He said, “I am the good shepherd…” (John 10:14). He made the intention of any good shepherd clear when He said, “…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly” (v. 10). He went on to say, “My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me” (v. 27).

Sheep that experience God’s best are sheep that follow Him closely.

He will lift our souls from failure, depression, and lack into a wealthy place. He will restore our souls and lives.

In looking at the soul, we find it very often misunderstood. The soul is not the spirit of man, though it is so closely linked that only the Word of God can make a clear distinction. The soul is where we find the will, the emotions, the intellect, and the mind of man. It is in the soul that the seed of God’s Word must be planted in order to bring about a change in lifestyle and experience.

The soul is the true seat of power in our lives. Without cooperation from our souls, God’s hands are almost completely tied in our lives. However, with cooperation God’s power will flow beautifully through any life. Give Him complete cooperation today. Allow His power to flow in and through you.

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