I am a member of KCC and I attended your meetings this weekend – including the ladies ministry. Between Pastor Rash and your teaching, my life and my faith have had an immediate turn around. I know I am defined by Christ. After church we went to lunch and I did something I have never done before. A mother and son were at lunch and the mother had severe health issues. In my spirit I heard, “By the power of My Name, she is healed”. I said, “Ok Father”. I went over and put my hands on the mother and said, “In the Power of the name of Jesus, your mother is healed”. I actually had the confidence to know that I am defined by Christ and not by what someone might think of me. Thanks be to God for giving to me such mighty men and women of God.

Debbie S.

Hi there, My husband and I were so happy to hear you speak for the first time when you recently came to the Word Church in Lloydminster. We purchased some material from you and one in particular I have been listening to. The Secrets to Financial Freedom CD. It has opened my eyes to things I never seen before. It also spoke to me things that God had already been trying to get through to me. I am now putting our plan to action. Now I see there is HIGH HOPE!!! As well, thank you very much for your teachings and being obedient to the Lord, we have been blessed by you.

Denni-Rae G.

Dennis & Vikki, I just want to say “Thank You” for your time this weekend at KCC. I made both Sunday services and “YES I GOT IT!”. I know your schedule is tight, but I did want to email you. Dennis, you sent me a personal email while you were in Europe with the volcano dust grounding all the flights at that time. The email went out and the Lord spoke to me as to respond to the need at hand. See, my wife of 35 years was given 2 weeks to live and money was running out from all our clinics to put her in, and my car was being towed to the garage. In the end, all prayer was answered, praise God. Your text sent to me meant everything! Just after this, Steven & Kellie Swisher commemorated the 25th anniversary at KCC (during which Kellie laid hands on my Debbie too). The Lord took her soon after. She’s with Jesus now, God’s got his hand on my business, and I’ve been repeating scripture of “Greater is He that’s in me, than he that’s in the world”.

Don A.

Vikki, My name is Jeanie Steadman and I’ve been a member of Sam Carr’s church since 1979 (I was his secretary for many years). I am a missionary in Brazil now and just wanted you to know that I am “devouring” your devotionals. They are such a blessing! Just wanted to thank you for being faithful to God and His word all these years! Your life is truly changing others lives. Blessings to you and Dennis!

Jeanie Steadman

Heard you speak Friday night at the Lighthouse in Chiefland, Florida. You shared several insights that were new to me. Praying that this new knowledge will stay fresh on my heart and mind and I’ll become a better servant because of it. May God bless you.

Nancy D.

Hi there. I am from The Centre Church (Pastor Robyn McFarlane) in Paraparaumu, Wellington, New Zealand. I would just like to say that I have been receiving the daily devotional and it continually encourages and inspires me. It is always perfect for whatever I am facing in life and I know that God is bringing a word in season through you to me. I am so thankful that you take time out to seek Him for the perfect things to say, even though I am on the other side of the world. What an awesome God we have!

Rebecca R.
New Zealand

Thank you so much, Vikki, for your message in our Women’s Conference. It has impacted my life in such miraculous ways. I can say I’ve grown in the works of the Holy Spirit. It’s awesome when we open ourselves to receive. God knows exactly what tools to keep way down rooted in us, so that it remains with me – so that everyday I may walk in it. Thank you again. I’m still in the presence of your messages; its awesome! God is good!!!

Sarah G.

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