Divine Protection for Dangerous Days

The times in which we live were described in the Bible two thousand years ago as dangerous, troublesome, savage, and hard to bear. Each evening the news
is filled with reports of atrocities and violence that would have been inconceivable fifty years ago.

Actually, these words that define our generation come from the original Greek word translated perilous in 2 Timothy 3:1: “This know also, that in the last
days perilous times shall come” (KJV). Other translations of this passage use terms such as “difficult or stressful” times.

Certainly, we can all agree that we are living in the perilous, dangerous, stressful times described in 2 Timothy. Evidence of this fills news broadcasts
daily. Dangerous events reported in the past few months include students shooting fellow students, husbands murdering their pregnant wives, mothers
murdering their children, vicious hate crimes, employee rage, drive-by shootings, senseless and brutal terrorist attacks, race-related killings, rapes,
identity theft and deadly food contamination.

That’s enough to put fear in anyone, unless of course they are believers!

Although the times in which we live are stressful and dangerous, those who place their trust and confidence in the Lord Jesus Christ have a covenant that
includes safety and protection from the fierce, savage dangers that are in the world. Psalm 91:7 promises: “A thousand may fall at your side, and ten
thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you” (NKJ). Regardless of what happens to those around us, we can rest assured knowing
it shall not come near us!

In his last will and testament, David reflected on his experience with his covenant with God. He said, “Yes, God has made an everlasting covenant with
me; His agreement is eternal, final, sealed. He will constantly look after my safety and success” (2 Samuel 23:5 TLB).

David was a man well acquainted with danger and stress, yet he testified that this covenant of safety is eternal, final and sealed! It will not fail! It
cannot fail! These words are a chronicle of David’s life that he passes to everyone who will enter that covenant. God has called each of us to leave
a legacy that bears the testimony of God’s faithful promises just like David, Abraham and Moses did. A testimony that declares: “I do not fear, for
He constantly looks after my safety and success!”

“Constantly” means that He is looking after us when we cannot look after ourselves, even when we are asleep. David had so completely learned to trust the
Lord that even when his own son, Absalom, was attempting to overthrow his throne he wrote: “I will lie down in peace, and sleep, for you alone, O Lord,
will keep me safe” (Psalm 4:8, NLT). We don’t need to lose another night of rest for our Shepherd is affectionately watching over us.

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