Giving Back To God

It’s plain to see that wisdom and understanding are not common in our society today. While it is available to anyone who will pursue it, there are few who have realized its value.

Solomon was one who saw the value of godly wisdom and understanding enough to pursue it. He had heard the stories of his father, David, who held onto God’s wisdom against all odds. He was also familiar with the story of David’s departure from the wisdom of God, its devastating results, and the price he paid for this course of action.

Solomon’s mother had also made valuable deposits of wisdom that set guidelines for his future. The results of this parental contribution were the words Solomon wrote that have directed generations. His wisdom was so widespread that kings and queens would travel great distances just to hear his words and see his wealth. The queen of Sheba was so overwhelmed by what she saw that she was breathless (see 1 Kings 10:1).

In Solomon’s dream, when he asked God for an understanding heart, God told Solomon that He would give to him the understanding he asked for, but would also give him riches, wealth, and long life. God gave him all of the things he could have asked for but did not.

The first thing Solomon did when he woke from the dream was to go from Gibeon, where he had the dream, to Jerusalem to stand before the Ark of the Covenant—the presence of God. We will never experience a unique presence of God if we seek Him in an ordinary way. Wisdom enters God’s presence in worship.

The very next thing Solomon did in the presence of God was to give Him an offering. The most natural thing to do when we receive from God is give back to God. This spirit of giving continued to flow out of him toward his servants. He even blessed those who served him with a feast. There is a generosity that will dominate the person who lives in God’s presence and walks in His wisdom. Giving is the right thing to do in the kingdom of God.

Wisdom will open our eyes to see and learn. The wisdom of Solomon in the Proverbs is our window into the revelation which can be obtained. These proverbs are written to increase all aspects of our lives. Solomon outlined what we could expect in chapter one, verses 2-6:

“To know wisdom and instruction, to discern the sayings of understanding, to receive instruction in wise behavior, righteousness, justice and equity; to give prudence to the naive, to the youth knowledge and discretion, a wise man will hear and increase in learning, and a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel, to understand a proverb and a figure, the words of the wise and their riddles” (NAS).

In verse 33 is one of the greatest single statements of the value of God’s wisdom: “But whoever listens to me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm” (NIV).

We can receive God’s wisdom for our lives that will move us to the right place and empower us to do the right thing! Next, do what Solomon did and give Him an offering. Giving back to God is the most natural thing we can do when we receive from Him. Build a memorial before God by giving an offering today.

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