Intimate Relationships

The third meaning of meditate is to muse. To muse means to “ponder, consider, and study closely.” This is the aspect of meditation that most people are aware of — taking hold of a promise or a truth and going over it again and again; not going over it in order to memorize
it, but to squeeze out all the richness. Musing is thinking on the Word throughout the day and allowing it to wash through your inner man.

The most vivid illustration that depicts musing is that of a cow chewing her cud. As a cow wanders through the pasture, she grazes on tasty grass, chewing
it over and over until she finally swallows it. Later, she brings up the chewed grass to chew once again then swallows it again.

This process is repeated over and over. Each time the cow brings up the old cud and chews it, she is refining it, breaking it down and making it more and
more a part of her system. When she chews all the nutrients out of it; the stems and stalk are removed until it is consumed into her body.

This is the most descriptive and powerful example of meditation there is. Treat the Word of God just as a cow chews her cud. Feed on a scripture over and
over again, swallow it, then bring it back up again, going over it time and again. Each time we chew on it, we are demanding all the nutrients out
of it, making it more and more a part of our beings.

Simple Bible reading is like the potatoes in our spiritual diets, but this form of meditation is like protein. We must have protein in our diet to remain
healthy and strong. The protein comes as we chew on the promises of God ─ letting them circulate through us.

Squeeze the life of God from every promise. Meditate on it until the power of God and the revelation of that promise become a reality. God will show us
wonderful things when we give our time and interest to His Word.

Any time we read a particular scripture, we should ask ourselves, “How does this golden nugget of truth work for me? How can I apply this scripture to
my life? Why has God given these instructions to me? What benefits does obeying this scripture offer?”

This type of meditation will bring the greatest discovery of revelation knowledge we have ever known. As we meditate in the promises of God, we will receive fresh revelation for ourselves. There is no substitute for knowing we have
heard from the Holy Spirit. There is no replacement for time spent
in meditation and fellowship with God.

God’s greatest desire is to have an intimate relationship with His children. Our time of daily meditation with the Lord will foster a deeper, more intimate
relationship with Him. We will begin to understand His way,
His thoughts, and His desires until they will become our thoughts, our ways, and our desires.

The Apostle James said, “Draw near to God and He will draw near to you” (James 4:8). Make a fresh commitment today to draw closer to the Lord through daily
meditation. It will pay big dividends in your life.

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