Misunderstood, Mistreated, and Maligned

There have always been men and women who would not allow the restrictions of their surroundings to limit their faith or their dreams. These were people who seemed to stand head and shoulders above others and who would stretch their faith and themselves to see God’s plan fully come to pass.

The Bible is full of people – like Abraham, Joshua, and Paul – who boldly pursued God’s plan and would not relent. In the face of what seemed like impossible odds, they took God at His Word and simply believed.

Today, the Holy Spirit has put a dream inside the heart of His family. Christians everywhere share the same longing for more of His presence, the increase of His anointing and the blessing of God on their family and finances. The dreamers are here now, with the dream seeds of God’s abundance multiplying in every direction.

At a very crucial time, God gave dreams to a young man named Joseph. It was a dream that would guide Joseph’s entire life, deliver his nation and the surrounding region. When he began to tell others the dreams, Joseph was misunderstood, mistreated, and maligned. Yet, he kept those dreams in his heart.

One day Joseph went looking for his brothers, whom he had told about his dreams. The brothers, who had developed a hatred for Joseph that filled them with anger and rage, saw Joseph coming and said, “Behold, the dreamer is coming.”

Joseph had, in fact, told them of his dream but he was no dreamer. At least not the kind of dreamer they thought he was. His dreams were powerful and filled with the seeds of his future. Most people merely fantasize about the future. Joseph did more, he believed the dream, he embraced the dream, he ran toward his dream, he refused to let go of his dream, and ultimately he lived his dream.

God is raising up people all over the world who are running toward the dreams God has placed within their heart. They are not wasting their days wishing things were different. They have embraced the desire God has placed in them and are pursuing God to see those dreams come to life.

God has used dreamers throughout history. Jacob had a dream that would transfer the wealth of is unscrupulous father-in-law into his hands.

The Pharaoh in Joseph’s time was given a dream that would show him things to come. Joseph’s wisdom and insight into that dream changed the history of his own nation, and Egypt as well.

Jesus’ father, Joseph, was guided through dreams at Jesus’ birth and during His childhood. Their escape from Herod into Egypt was directed by dreams God gave to Joseph.

God wants to plant a dream in our hearts also. A dream that He has planned for us since before the world began. We must open our hearts and allow God to plant these dream seeds, and then watch them come to pass.

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