No Way Out

In the beginning, when the breath of God began pulsating through Adam’s cold, lifeless body, he was made alive. A vibrant relationship developed, and Adam walked in unbroken fellowship with God.

As God breathes on His people today, He pulls us into a deeper relationship — a dimension in Him that is untouched by human efforts or ambitions. Only those who yield in willing obedience can experience this updraft of the Holy Spirit.

Today is a time of visitation! The Holy Spirit is moving in the Church to restore His power. This restoration is the Holy Spirit in a manifest and resident manner.

We dare not take lightly this sense of God’s presence reaching out to lift us, or we will be left behind as He moves forward with His plan. Like Jerusalem then, many in His Church today have pulled back from the moving of the Spirit.

If we miss the time of the Holy Spirit’s visitation we will set our own ruin in motion. If we do not reach up to Him to walk in those things which belong to us, and in those things He will reveal to us, our spiritual sight will grow dim. Satan will dig a trench around us until it looks like there is no way out. He will surround us pressing from every side in all we do. What we set our hands to do will not be blessed by God. We will have to rely on manipulation rather than the manifestation of the Holy Spirit.

Sadly, for many believers, God is no more real than He is to the unbeliever. God hasn’t left them; but if they do not walk toward the light, they will be retreating from Him.

Although change can seem difficult, the light of the Holy Spirit continually points us to new territory, at least new to us. The unknown can seem uncomfortable. We may not feel secure in new surroundings. Even new spiritual revelation can be unsettling to our minds.

Yet, if we draw back from His dealings or direction, we pull away from His light and soon the dimming light will give way to darkness. The dimension He is drawing us into is hidden from our eyes in the darkness of disobedience. We can almost hear the sound of trenches being dug around us. Though we cry out for victory, there is none in disobedience. Victory exists only when we obey.

Notice what Job said as he cried out to God in his time of distress:

“My soul loathes my life; I will give free course to my complaint, I will speak in the bitterness of my soul. I will say to God, ‘Do not condemn me; Show me why You contend with me'” (Job 10:1,2 NKJV).

Job, feeling as if he were at the end of his life, said to God in essence, “Show me where I have left the path You want me on.”

If we come to God in total openness and honesty, He will not condemn us. Instead He will breathe afresh in our spirits and ignite us with His power. Make a fresh commitment to be part of the visitation of the Holy Spirit.

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