Renew, Review, Receive

With the crossing of the Jordan, the days of continual hardship and compromise had finally come to a close for this nation of destiny. Yet there were still
many challenges to come. But this generation would meet each challenge with unshakable determination and unwavering faith, rather than the constant
complaints and questions of the previous generation.

Under the bold leadership of Joshua, the Israelites saw the fulfillment of the desires they had cherished for nearly a lifetime.

Crossing through the Jordan River and into this new land, they also entered a new dimension in their relationship with God. Their role changed from that
of merely following, to active cooperation. When they ate the fruit of the new land, immediately the manna ceased (see Joshua 5:12). This change began
their movement from provision into promise.

Their destiny to become a nation of conquerors was about to become
a reality. Their course was set to bring them victory over every obstacle that stood in their way. As they prepared themselves for the battles which
would face them, God gave His people a time of rest. It was a time to renew their strength, review their plans, and receive new insights.

It is vital to the progress of any project to have a clear grasp of God’s direction. Retreating into a time of calm and communion with the Lord can be
the greatest tool to prepare us for the progress ahead.

The sometimes small but needed corrections in direction are easily overlooked in the heat of decision making and activity. But when we pull aside into
a time of rest, God will refocus our attention to those neglected areas.

During their journey in the wilderness, Israel had neglected the covenant of circumcision. Their position of strength in possessing Canaan would depend
on restoring their broken covenant. God had spoken to Abraham many generations before and established this covenant between Him and His nation. Israel
must not face these enemies without the confidence that all is well between them and Jehovah God. At Gilgal the nation returned to their covenant and
refreshing came.

So many today turn away from their commitment to God, only to find themselves wandering in uncertainty or discouragement. Soon they become discouraged
with God’s Word. They find it difficult to fellowship with Him or to
pray. And rather than remaining in a place where help can come, they pull away, feeling very justified.

We cannot allow ourselves to turn away from our commitment to the Lord, even in the difficult times. When we learn to remain consistent in our relationship
with our heavenly Father regardless of the circumstances, we will discover a new dimension of intimacy and confidence.

We must make sure that we take time to get quiet before the Lord on a regular basis. And when we do, He will renew our strength, give us a clear grasp
of His direction for our lives, and give us new insights. Time spent in communion with the Lord will allow Him to prepare us for the path He has planned

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