Feel Alone or Forgotten?

There are leaders in history who stand head and shoulders above others. These leaders appear almost bigger than life. Some of these are spiritual leaders
written about in God’s Word who accomplished impossible feats through
their simple faith and relationship with the Lord.

Out of all the Old Testament leaders, Joshua in particular, demonstrates the qualities that are vital to moving us forward in our Christian lives and overcoming
every challenge we face. From his early years of serving Moses to his farewell as leader of this holy nation, Joshua was a man who was mighty in God.

If we examine the principles Joshua lived by and the power he possessed, we can learn the key to moving from where we are today to where we need to be
in God. Even as a young man facing the unknown hardship of the wilderness, Joshua clearly possessed the powerful faith and courage to rise up to greatness
in God. These powerful qualities became evident in Joshua’s character while serving under Moses and would prove to be extremely valuable when he was
thrust into the forefront of leadership.

One of these qualities is found in the events recorded in Exodus chapter 24. From Mount Sinai, God called Moses to go up into the cloud covering the mountain
to receive the inscribed tablets and the instructions that expressed God’s will for this special nation, Israel. Moses took young Joshua with him as
he ascended the cloud-covered mountain to meet with God. The rest of Israel remained below in the camp.

While Joshua waited halfway up the slope of the holy mount, Moses ascended to the top of Sinai alone into the majesty and glory of God’s presence. Joshua’s
unshakable loyalty to God and to Moses is a leadership quality that can teach us many invaluable lessons for life. Joshua stayed on the side of the
mountain for 40 days and nights. He was undoubtedly cold, uncomfortable, without food, and separated from both the glory of God that engulfed Moses
and the comfort of the camp below. Most people would have returned to the camp, but even during this time of feeling forgotten and unimportant Joshua
remained faithful and confident in God.

There are times when we may feel out of the mainstream of activity in advancing the kingdom of God, a bit like Joshua. We may feel alone or forgotten.
The question is will we remain faithful and steadfast even when there seems to be no manifestation of God’s presence?

It is the stability and faithfulness that Joshua demonstrated to us that are important. Whether we are experiencing a powerful demonstration of His Spirit
or a time of spiritual stillness, we must continue in faith without staggering or questioning. “…For I know the one in whom I trust, and I am sure
that he is able to guard what I have entrusted to him until the day of his return” (2 Timothy 1:12).

Adopt the qualities that transformed Joshua from a faithful follower into a great leader. Allow these character traits to change you into a man or woman
of fearless faith.

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