Voice Activated

Why did Zechariah and Mary experience completely different results based solely on their response to God’s promise? Because without a voice in agreement
with God’s plan, nothing happens. This is a spiritual law that God established from the beginning. In Genesis 1:2 the scripture says: “The earth was
empty, a formless mass cloaked in darkness. And the Spirit of God was hovering over its surface” (NLT).

Although the Holy Spirit hovered over the darkness, nothing happened until God said, “…Let there be light…” (v. 3). At that moment, the Holy
Spirit released creative power that would bring to pass what was spoken—light was released and darkness fled.

The supernatural power of God is voice-activated! Without our voices speaking in agreement with what God has already promised, there can be no lasting
change in our lives. Our voices either “open the way” or “get in the way” of God’s plan—depending on how we use them. Our words either advance
the plan of God in our lives or hinder it.

God needs our voices to clear the path for His plan from our house, to the church house, to the courthouse, to the White House. It’s our voices that will
clear the way for God’s plan to unfold in our lives. It’s not our pastors’ responsibility or some prophet’s job—the responsibility rests upon
us alone.

The question is, are we hungry enough to do whatever it takes to walk fully in God’s plan?

We can’t watch hours of bad news and expect to remain uncontaminated from man’s perspective. Spending 15 to 30 minutes with God cannot neutralize the effect
of so much bad news. If we hear enough bad news (and the media is sure to make it available 24/7!), we will soon begin to believe the negative reports
we hear, for Romans 10:17 tells us that faith is built by what we hear. Then we’ll start talking about the bad news we’ve heard with friends, coworkers,
or family members. As a result, we will activate the spiritual law and experience the negative harvest of what we’ve given voice to.

But there is good news! We can alter that outcome by using our voice to speak what God has promised instead of what the media predicts!

Our faith is fed and grows strong as we continually hear God’s Word,
filling our minds and our mouths with His voice as it is spoken through His Word. We can announce loud and clear the truth that will move us in the
direction of God’s promises.

Psalms 65:11 says, “You crown the year with Your goodness, and Your paths drip with abundance” (NKJV). We can experience the best years of our
lives as we begin activating our voices by faith. So let’s determine to use our voices each day to declare God’s Words of life. As we do, we will set
our feet squarely in the middle of His good plan for our lives!

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